Information about MyOldtimer



Where can additional drivers be specified?

You can add the name of the second driver during the booking process. It will be included in the rental agreement. 

How much commission does myOldtimer charge? 
For a successfully arranged rental myOldtimer currently takes 14% off the rental amount of the owner.

What happens if the vehicle from a previous rental is defective? 

The owner on MyOldtimer are covered by the general terms and conditions and cannot be held liable for a loss of rental income. Owners can withdraw from the rental agreement in the event of a defect.

My vehicle is a collector's item, where can I insure the current value?

Let us know that you would like to insure a higher value (insured sum greater than CHF 100,000). The valuation will be carried out by Baloise and will involve costs of CHF 100. You will find your currently agreed insured sum in your insurance contract.

Further FAQs in progress